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Chiriqui, a Province that Offers Three Different Experiences During Four Days of Carnival


In most of Panama’s territory carnival means culecos, queens, confrontation between tunas of Calle Arriba y Calle Abajo, murga music and partying until dawn. It is the most important event for many Panamanians, which generates the migration of thousands of people to the interior of the country from Panama City. This year carnivals are celebrated from February 10 to 13.

Celebrating Carnivals Close to Nature

The carnivals, being a four-day celebration, are the opportunity for many to visit Chiriqui as they have more time to visit one of the most distant provinces coming from Capital city. Its highlands, nature and tourist experiences such as ecological trails, waterfalls, rivers, gastronomy, the Baru Volcano, agro tourism, forest parks such as PILA and La Amistad among others, attract many people. Boquete and Tierras Altas located in the mountainous areas of the province are two of the favorite places to visit and where carnival is not celebrated in a classic way, the cool climate and relaxation are elements that many visitors seek.

Carnivals Full of Fun

Chiriqui also has areas where carnivals are celebrated in the same way as the rest of the country, with Dolega being the epicenter of the eternal rivalry between Calle Arriba and Calle Abajo, with queens, murgas and culecos. Here the carnival festivity has nothing to envy of those in other regions of the country, it is celebrated until dawn.

Las Lajas Beach is another place where carnivals are celebrated in a classic way. Being one of the longest beaches in the entire country, it never feels crowded even if it is visited by thousands of people. The difference is that you have the option of enjoying the waters of a beach classified by many as the most beautiful in the Pacific.

Refreshing Carnivals

Now, if the mountains or the classic carnivals are not what you are looking for, Chiriqui province has ​​a refreshing offer thanks to its great water wealth, where it is possible to visit the different rivers and swimming ponds in the region. The famous Cangilones of Gualaca is the best example of a first-class swimming pond, where you can enjoy a day of fun in its waters, barbecue and natural landscapes, among other activities. Juan Miguel Brenes, a Tourist Guide from Chiriqui comments that there are other swimming ponds that can be enjoyed such as the one located under the David River bridge which is visited by crowds, another in Dolega where there is a river with a swimming pond to cool off and enjoy a different carnival day. He also tells us that Charcos of the Platanal river in San Pablo are very popular, as well as the Piedra river in Alanje, right next to the town, has another very visited swimming pond.

The list of experiences in Chiriqui during carnivals is extensive and for all tastes. The province fills the tastes of those looking for nature, fun or a refreshing dip.

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