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The Amador Causeway, the Perfect Destination to Visit During New Year’s Eve Holidays

Panama City has a unique place in the entire region, full of history, activities and impressive views. The Amador Causeway, is a road that connects the capital with Naos, Perico and Flamenco islands. It is one of the most visited sites in the entire country due to the impressive views of the skyline of Panama City, as well as the ships entering and leaving the canal through the Pacific sector. It is also the site of the famous Biomuseum designed by Frank Gehry and the largest convention center in Central America.

Biomuseum . Photo : Claudio B. Carrasco P. – Biologist/ Naturalist

Construction and History

This privileged sector was built using the steep rocks of the Culebra Cut at the beginning of the 20th century and functions as a wave break at the entrance of the Panama Canal in the Pacific. Likewise, during World War II it was part of a military base where two of the largest anti-aircraft guns in the world were installed, as well as a system of large bunkers under the islands. A history that still needs to be promoted in tourism.

A Destination to Celebrate the New Year’s Eve Season

During the New Year’s Eve holidays, The Causeway is one of the busiest destinations for activities and celebrations. This is because this sector has a wide variety of restaurants that offer delicious grilled foods, fish, seafood and exquisite Panamanian gastronomy. Many companies, families and friends gather in these restaurants to celebrate, creating a unique atmosphere, especially during December when the entire road is illuminated with beautiful Christmas decorations. Restaurants such as Sabroso Panama, Mi Ranchito, Leños y Carbon, Bucaneros, La Sirena, Cayucos, Praia, among others, are some of the most popular places to have lunch or dinner. However, to try great craft beers and enjoy a more festive atmosphere, many people visit La Fabrika.

Many More Activities

Even if the plans are not to go out to eat at restaurants, the Amador Causeway has an extremely attractive range of activities for everybody. This is because the road has wide sidewalks for walking and cycling, as well as Kiosks for food, drinks and ice cream. There are also many shops to rent bicycles (in individual models, couples and even for families), electric scooters, among others.

Beyond the Bay of Panama

If what you are looking for during these holidays is to have an experience away from the city Surrounded by nature, the Causeway is the perfect place to take boats to islands such as Taboga, Viveros, Saboga and Contadora. Places full of water activities and beautiful beaches. The companies that offers the transportation service to the islands are Barcos Calypso and Sea Las Perlas from Isla Perico.

The Causeway is one of the ideal places to visit during the New Year holidays and enjoy a unique atmosphere in all of Panama.

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