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November is National Holidays Month, the Best Reason to Celebrate and Feel Pride for Living in Panama

November is known in Panama as homeland month, this is because the most important events in Panama’s history took place. These are 30 days full of national pride for Panamanians and that is evident in the parades that are carried out throughout the country by high schools bands and independent bands, as well as private and government organizations. Throughout the month, Panama dresses in red, white and blue, to honor heroes and martyrs who fought to achieve full sovereignty for the isthmus.

This article takes a tour of the five holidays this month and the reason why they are important for our country.

November 3 – Separation of Panama from Colombia

During colonization Panama was a very important trading point for Spain. For this reason, the independent movement feared that the Spanish empire would reconquer the isthmus, deciding to join Gran Colombia; composed of what are today the republics of Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. After the disintegration of Gran Colombia, Panama continued to be part of Colombia. However, with the passage of time, the great political, cultural and economic differences became evident, motivating the separation. Being November 3, 1903, the day that Panama separated from Colombia and became a sovereign nation.

Panama Declaration of Independence

November 4 – National Symbols Day

It is recognized as the day of the Symbols of the Nation (previously Flag Day), for being fundamental pieces that marked important events that began Republican life. Precisely on November 4, Panama’s flag, designed by Manuel E. Amador and made by Maria Ossa de Amador, was lift for the first time. During this day, honor is also paid to the Coat of Arms designed by Nicanor Villalaz and artistically interpreted by the artist Max Lemm Bielert. Likewise, to the National Anthem of Panama composed by Santos Jorge with lyrics by Jeronimo Ossa Escobar, whose verses summarize the events of 1903 and the birth of the new Republic.

Panama National Emblem

November 5 – Colon Separation Movement

This day celebrates the consolidation of the separation of the Panamanian isthmus from Colombia due to the movement of troops in the city of Colon that managed to stop the transfer of 500 Colombian soldiers to Panama City. After a day of arduous negotiations with the Colombians Juan Antonio Henriquez of the Revolutionary Junta sent a telegram to Panama saying: “Only now, at 7:30 p.m. It can be said that the independence of Panama is assured.” An unprecedented historical event.

November 10 – Los Santos Uprising Day

This day in the Villa de Los Santos the so-called “The First Call for Independence” of Panama from Spain was held. This first Call was attributed to the Santeña Rutina Alfaro, triggering the emancipation of other towns such as Penonome, Nata de los Caballeros, and others.

Rufina Alfaro Sculpture at Villa de Los Santos

November 28 – Panama Independence from Spain

The different emancipation movements that began on November 10 throughout the country culminated with the official proclamation of Panama’s independence from Spanish domination.

In addition to the parades and official celebrations, the National Holidays are a great period for local tourism, where beaches and places in the interior are filled with visitors.

Panama Declaration of Independence from Spain
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