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Colon 2000 Duty Free Mall: The Renaissance of Colon and its Projection into the Future

Colon City, known for its rich history and vibrant Caribbean culture, is experiencing an exciting renaissance thanks to Colon 2000 Duty Free Mall. This ambitious development is taking the city to new heights, providing unprecedented opportunities and transforming its future.

Perfect Combination of Functionality and Aesthetics

In architectural terms, Colon 2000 Duty Free Mall is an impressive landmark. Designed with a bold vision, the project has become a testament to the growth and development of the city. The perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics has given rise to a building that is not only visually striking, but also efficient in terms of taking advantage of natural light and cross ventilation. This approach creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

A Unique Experience in Colon

One of the most exciting aspects of Colon 2000 Duty Free Mall is the arrival of new businesses that are adding more vitality to the project. With the opening of Athens, a restaurant offering an authentic Greek culinary experience, visitors can enjoy delicious traditional and contemporary dishes from Greece. In addition, Eleven Sport Bar, owned by the renowned Panamanian National Soccer Team player, Armando Cooper, has established its presence in the mall, providing a unique experience for all sports fans and lovers. Another highlight is More Amore, a restaurant that brings Italian gastronomy to the Atlantic coast. And we cannot forget to mention the second location of Arrecife restaurant, on the mall’s second floor, an emblematic place that delights seafood and marine flavors lovers.

Start Enjoying this Oceanfront Mall

Colon 2000 Duty Free Mall is currently in its soft opening phase, which means that visitors can enjoy an early experience of all the wonders to come. As the doors gradually open, an air of excitement fills the air. Tourists and locals can explore a variety of shops and services, from renowned international brands to local boutiques with unique products. This advance allows visitors to see first-hand the diversity of options available and the level of quality found in every corner of the mall.

Colon 2000 Duty Free Mall is a project that is generating a transformative impact in Colon City and paving the way towards a prosperous future that fills its inhabitants and the country with great enthusiasm.

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