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Arturo Arauz S.A., Customs and Logistics Agents with Credibility and Wide Range of Services

Many companies, businesses or people at some point need to import products, raw materials, or any item from another country, which generates a complex process that requires time and experience. Arturo Arauz S.A. is a company that has professionals specialized in Public Customs Administration, International Trade and Multimodal Transport Management. A group of experts in all technical, operational and legal aspects that make up the custom regulatory universe. They also specialize in the automated systematization of Customs, customs paperwork and international trade.

Satisfying Customs and Logistics Needs

Arturo Arauz S.A. offers a complete offer of services that includes a completely bilingual staff as well as sustained support for the successful completion of both customs procedures and activities related to the transfer of international cargo, in order to provide comprehensive solutions to the needs of its clients.

This prestigious company has strategic allies to satisfy the logistics and transportation needs of its clients, as a complement to its customs services.

Wide Range of Services

Arturo Arauz S.A. offers a wide range of services that only a company with great credibility and international reach can offer.

Integral Cargo Logistics:

Tracking and collection, documentary management, packaging, stowage, transport of loose and containerized cargo, loading and unloading.

Customs and International Procedures:

Corresponds to the management of customs procedures and foreign trade, in compliance with the acts prior to the arrival or departure of the merchandise from the Customs Territory.

Customs Automation Systematization:

They have the most sophisticated computer tools for the control and administration of customs management.


They are in charge of the temporary or definitive exemption from payment of taxes on the importation of merchandise.

License to Process Merchandise in Transit:

They generate the legal authorization that allows acting on behalf of a third party before Customs, for the customs transit regime.

Commercial Movement:

Documentation management for carrying out commercial operations of import (entry) and export (exit) of merchandise within the free zones.

Coordination with Transitory Agents, Shipping Companies, Airlines and Carriers:

They program with cargo agents and carriers the logistics and delivery of merchandise to customers.

Tariff Rates:

Process where they offer assistance, advice and support on the possible tariff advantages that products can obtain, in the various trade agreements between Panama and its trading partners.

Training and Training in Logistics, Purchasing and Customs Traffic:

The experts at Arturo Araúz S.A. they keep their clients updated on the updates of customs and foreign trade regulations.

Entertainment and Shows:

One of the strengths of this company is its vast experience in handling cargo for the assembly of musical shows by famous international stars, as well as large film, television and entertainment productions made in Panama. Among these we can mention the James Bond films “Quantum of Solace” and Basic, the Survivor series, in three of its editions, the Cirque Du Soleil show, Miss Universe, among others.

Trade Fairs and Congresses:

Arturo Arauz S.A. has extensive experience working as an official customs agent for prestigious fairs such as Expocomer, Latin American & Caribbean Tire Expo, Expo Logistica, Expo Bebida, Expomedica, Panama Canal Congress, all showcases of international trade.

Certifications that Consolidates Trust

The professionalism of this company was consolidated by achieving certification as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) issued by the National Customs Authority. A program that facilitates foreign trade giving safe parameters, demonstrating the confidence that Arturo Arauz S.A. offers. For this reason, they have customs processes aligned with the Protocol of Incorporation of the Republic of Panama into the Central American Economic Integration Subsystem, and with legal instruments such as the Central American Uniform Customs Code (CAUCA) and the Regulations of the Central American Uniform Customs Code (RECAUCA).

General Information:

Address: Via España, in front of the Piex

Orion Building, 1st Floor, Office 1-A

Panama City, Panama

Phone: (507) 264-2210

E-mail: info@www.arturoarauz.com

Instagram: @arturoarauzinternational

Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 pm. Saturdays: 8:00 a.m. at 12:00 noon

Branch offices:

Tocumen: (507) 238-4040

Panama Pacific: (507) 316-2253

Colon Free Zone: (507) 447-0909

Paso Canoas: (507) 727-6030

Photos courtesy: Arturo Araúz, S.A.

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