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Riding Bicycle on Playa El Agallito Bike Lane in Chitre Strengthens Body and Good Health

There are more and more routes that can be traveled by bicycle and more facilities are offered to cyclists to carry out outdoor activities. The bicycle routes are an ideal option for those looking for a total disconnection with the daily routine.

A Bike Lane between Chitre and the Beach

There are routes for experienced cyclists, for families with children, and for people of all ages, as is the case of the El Agallito beach bike lane on the outskirts of Chitre. This bike route is an ideal option for those looking to disconnect from the daily routine.

Riding a bike lane is a simple way to contribute to economic sustainability and that of the planet. In addition to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into the atmosphere and noise pollution, it saves on fuel and promotes healthy living.

Infrastructure for Local and Foreign Tourism

El Agallito beach bike lane was built in 2018 and has been promoting tourism and benefiting thousands of inhabitants of this region of the country. This site has adequate spaces for sports and outdoor walks, as well as a bike path of almost 7 kilometers. A landscape tour that goes from the Chitre City to the beach, attracting hundreds of local and foreign visitors who find in this outdoor experience a way to enjoy the natural beauties that surround this sector.

Benefits of Riding a Bicycle

Riding a bicycle is an activity that generates many benefits for those who practice it, and much better if it is during a visit to Chitre and walking along this tourist route full of fresh air and natural beauty.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Bad cholesterol – as LDL is known – is eliminated with complete physical activity. A clear example is riding a bicycle. It is estimated that, with one hour of cycling, about 500 calories are burned, most of them in the form of fat.

For this reason, LDL cholesterol will be significantly reduced, and HDL cholesterol – the good one – will increase, since the blood vessels will gain flexibility.

Strengthens the Back

The inclination of the body when driving favors the muscles of the lower back area to tense and strengthen. In this way, resistance is gained in this part of the back, ideal for stabilizing the trunk. In this way, back pain due to a sedentary lifestyle, as a general rule, disappears and the possibility of having hernias decreases considerably.

Strengthens the Leg Muscles

When riding a bike, the quadriceps and hamstrings are the ones that work the most and, therefore, the ones that get the most strength.

The calves are also exercised by pedaling, although to a lesser extent than the other two muscles. The flaccidity and weakness of the legs comes to an end.

Strengthens the Knees

The joints over the years deteriorate and cause countless pains. Riding a bicycle does not punish these joints, on the contrary, it protects them. The knee muscles develop with this activity, implying a greater support in these joints.

In addition, since most of the body’s weight rests on the seat, the knees do not suffer, preventing the cartilage from wearing down abruptly.

Activate the Happiness Hormone

A physical activity such as riding a bicycle, generates beneficial substances for the body. This is the case of the happiness hormones, headed mainly by endorphin.

Doing this activity for an hour favors the elaboration of this hormone.

Eliminate Depression and Stress

Physical exercise allows the brain to oxygenate and create certain hormones that help combat these negative states.

Numerous studies affirm that riding a bicycle makes all those who practice this activity happier and eliminates many psychological problems.

Scare Away Infections

Riding a bicycle produces phagocytes that defend against infectious bacteria that may attack the body.  Healthy eating combined with bike rides is a good way to stay healthy, avoiding viruses that spread in the environment throughout the year.

Reduces the Likelihood of Cancer and Diabetes

Multiple studies have shown that riding a bike is so healthy and positive for our body, that it boosts the immune system, since the phagocytes created are capable of eliminating cancer cells that arise in the body.

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