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Cerro Punta, Love at First Sight on Every Visit

Located on the western region of Panama, within Chiriqui province is Cerro Punta, is part of the Bugaba district in the highlands region. Its altitude of about 2,000 meters above sea level makes it a benchmark as the highest town in Chiriqui. Its name is due to a mountain with a very particular shape, and it was baptized with the phrase “Your name is written between mountains”.

It is located in what was the crater of an extinct volcano. A small valley made within the Talamanca mountain range that comes from Costa Rica to Panama, which is part of the International Friendship Park (PILA) and the Baru Volcano. It adjoins four areas of the town: Entre Rios, Guadalupe, Las Nubes and Cerro Punta Centro.

Dracula Estate

In Tierras Altas there is a private botanical garden specialized in the cultivation and conservation of orchids. They have more than 2,000 species of orchids and thousands of more hybrids. In addition to housing, it is also made up of an extensive tropical garden where you can see orchids that grow on the trees as they would in the jungle.

Finca Dracula is characterized by its specialty in orchids from Central and South America. Most of its flowers are “miniature orchids”, which mostly belong to the Pleurothallidinae subtribe of orchids.

Among them are the Masdevallia, known as the “jewel orchids”, the Restrepia and the Dracula among others.

Cold Mountain Weather

At this point, all Visitors can verify that in Panama you can also feel cold with temperatures that fluctuate between 10º and 20º C, a privileged weather especially at night and in the rainy season. In this region the dry season is relatively short, lasting approximately two to three months. Cerro Punta is an ideal destination for those who wish to escape from the heat and humidity typical of Panama.

According to the Köppen climatic classification system, this sector together with its volcanic soil makes it the most productive agricultural area in the country. A good reason to try the local gastronomy made with the fresh produce that is cultivated in this region.

Haras Cerro Punta

The Visitor who arrives at a farm of enormous extension with racehorses and galloping thoroughbreds, will have reached this destination. It is a family property dedicated to the breeding of horses for competitions, where future winners of international horse races are there and prepared. Its temperature and the combination with the altitude where these animals are raised help to develop better lung capacity, especially for long distance races. This sport discipline is another of the reasons why Panama is well known in the world.

They have a tour to visit the farm facilities and where you can take pictures with the horses, which cost $10.00 per person.

Strawberry Viewpoint

The most popular fruit from Cerro Punta are strawberries. The ones that have been improving according to the production and certification of the seeds from the United States, in order to have that sweetness typical of these wild fruits.

In this region there are several farms dedicated to its production, and that can be visited through guided tours, such as the process from cultivation to the selection before harvesting. In Guadalupe town you can visit La Fresa Viewpoint, at only 15 minutes going up and where you only have to pay $1.00 per person. The reward: an impressive view of the Cerro Punta farms, and a variety of options to taste this fruit on skewers, preserves, either dipped in condensed milk, cream or chocolate, all made with homemade recipes.

Cerro Punta is one of the most popular destinations among Panamanians and foreigners, who want to learn more about the prolific Panamanian agro-tourism sector and in the region.

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