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Mendoza Barbershop, Family Tradition Creating the Best Haircuts and Barber Shop Within the Best Ambience

The history of this venture began when grandfather Itamar Matheus (maternal grandfather of the founding partners) began working as a barber in 1976. A profession that influenced the family so much that children and grandchildren followed on his footsteps working in the barbershop and styling.

Josue and Nerio Barbers Founders

Mendoza Barbershop was founded by the brothers Josue Mendoza Matheus and Nerio Mendoza Matheus, grandsons of Itamar. Between the two of them, they have 19 years of experience in the barbershop and styling business.

For both, the star of the business are their customers, for this reason they invest in creating an optimal, relaxing and attractive environment for all the people they serve, whether children or adults. A place where everyone likes to be, be it at the lobby, the barbershop area, the spa and living room. Always with access to coffee and drinks, Wi-Fi, good music and a friendly atmosphere.

Service that Exceeds Expectations

Mendoza Barbershop offers services that meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

Haircut: This service includes all types of haircuts. Cuts with scissors, machine, gradients, lines, etc. Also washed with a brief hair massage and combed at the end.

Beard care: It is the specialty of the house, since men also like to keep their image.

Facial cleansing: They cleanse to keep the skin clean and healthy through deep skin regeneration, with immediate results.

Professional Staff that Makes the Difference

In this barbershop, the staff is selected for how they are as people, and not for what they do. Josue and Nerio believe that a good person who can connect and generate a close relationship with each client becomes a special service, creating loyalty over time. Many times, the client stays with the same barber for 5 years and much more, even with those who provide any of the complementary services within Mendoza Barbershop.

Holiday Gift Certificates and Summer Kit

Ensuring that a friend or relative maintains the best “look”, is also a good gift, for this reason Mendoza Barberia offers both digital and physical Gift Certificates for all its clients. You can choose between giving a day of relaxation at the “spa” and a cool makeover.

They also have kits with products for taking care of the beard, hair, skin and face. Always giving professional advice from the experts at Mendoza Barbershop with the purpose of creating a kit that meets the needs of the person who receives it. An excellent gift that is delivered in a basket and already packed as a gift.

Future Plans

The Mendoza Matheus brothers look towards the future and plan to open at least two more branches in Panama City, and expand to two or more Latin American countries in the next 4 years. An ambitious plan for a business that offers an excellent service.

General Information:

Address: San Francisco, Vía Porras, #210, in front of Cattan (Awnings and facades), diagonal to Felipe Motta

Phone: 215-8533

E-mail: : mendozastorepanama@gmail.com

Instagram: @mendozasbarbershop

Facebook: Mendoza Barbershop Panama

Tiktok: @mendozabarbershop

YouTube: Mendoza Barbershop

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