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TRAVESIAS, S.A. Tourism Agency that Elevates the Tourist Experience in Chiriqui Province


Founded in 1998 as a travel agency during a time of enormous growth in the number of foreigners entering the country to visit Chiriquí. At the same time, a new tourist culture began to emerge: real estate tourism in the Boquete region, allowing this company to offer passenger transportation services to go see properties and support the sale experience in association with International Living.

Complete Tourism Service

Travesias S.A. was born from these needs, a company focus mainly on offering national and international tourist services such as tours, transfers,  hotel booking and others. All within a single package, with the purpose of providing a comfortable option to plan vacations in an easy and reliable way.

Little by little, the services of tourist guides and lodging in the Highlands and the Gulf of Chiriqui, were concentrated in tourist packages where pioneer agencies in the province also started promoting in the same way.

Chiriqui Highlands, an International Tourism Center

This opportunity, coupled with the growing demand for Real Estate, mainly in the Boquete area, has made Chiriqui province a place of increasing interest for visitors. At that time, an average tourist not only visited the Canal, but also this province, a region with a pleasant climate and surrounded by nature.

Apart from the exclusive services recognized by local and international tourists, Travesías S.A. It will be expanding the options of tourist experiences for younger audiences by offering more variety in physical and extreme activities, combined with its renowned services.

A Team that Understands Chiriquí and its Visitors

The Philosophy of Travesias S.A. It is based on thinking as a client, with the aim of creating a unique experience, properly using natural resources and historical heritage that promotes development initiatives for the benefit of citizens and protection of forests and their fauna.

However, what makes this agency different is their people. Each one has the knowledge and experience to mix culture, history and geographic landscapes in their “tours”, creating a trip to the past, present and future of the region.

Each visitor who experiences these tours returns home not only knowing where the geographical wonders of Chiriqui are, but also understanding and feeling how these places are part of the character and humble attitude that characterizes the people of this region of the country.

General Information:

Office hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Email: travesias@cwpanama.net Spanish and English

Cell: María Parada 6780-3234 Spanish / Ernesto Tribaldos 6949-7355 Spanish and English.

Instagram: @travesiaspanama

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