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Chef Jose Luis Garay: Love for Cooking in Every Culinary Creation at Dobo Restaurant Located in Boquete

From a young age, Jose Luis Garay Serracin began his passion for cooking at a young age, helping his mother when it came to cooking to the point that the possibility of earning a living in that profession briefly crossed his mind. However, life led him to study Social Sciences and Psychology.

Love Always Wins

Although he worked as a psychologist at Consultorios America for three years, Jose Luis Garay never forgot everything he learned in his mother’s kitchen and that feeling that overwhelms him during those moments. This love for gastronomy led him to abandon his profession and work in gastronomy, a path that allowed him to meet Mario Castrellon and Jorge Jurado, two highly respected Executive Chefs who helped him during his new adventure.

The relationship with these two cracks of Panamanian gastronomy led our guest to become Chef Jose Luis Garay and work for them in restaurants such as: Viso52, Maito Panama, Hotel Finca Lerida, Los Molinos, in the Gulf of Chiriqui and Isla Parida Lodge, Hotel Calamia Isla Boca Brava, La Palma Playa Venao and Dobo in Boquete, where he is currently working.

Pride and Innovation

For Chef Jose Luis Garay, it is of great pride to be part of Maito Group, directed by Mario Castrellon and also to the renowned Selina Hotel chain. A responsibility that generates challenges every day, requiring constant innovation to improve the service and the quality of the experience at all levels.

Creation and Reinvention with Passion

For Chef Jose Luis Garay there is no dish that he likes to cook more than another, since he loves cooking in general. He is passionate about the mixture of elements, motivating the creation and reinvention of culinary dishes.

However, he describes the dishes at Dobo restaurant as a mix of traditional Panamanian dishes that he developed together with chef Abraham Gomez. This collaboration resulted in a wide and fresh menu for all tastes from vegetarian, vegan, and protein dishes.

Delights for All Tastes

At Dobo restaurant you can find vegan delights such as wild rice with tofu, a fresh experience, as well as roasted zuccini in achiote and quinoa sauce. Both dishes very liked by vegans and non-vegans.

For barbecue lovers, Chef Jose Luis Garay cooks smoked pork ribs, Brisket tacos and the classic roast chicken. It also offers meat and bacon burgers influenced by Grupo Maito’s Beasties chain.

Freshness and Quality that Transcend

The philosophy applied by Chef Jose Luis Garay at Dobo restaurant is to highlight the freshness of the products found in the Boquete region. A way of working hand in hand with the local producer and satisfying the expectations of diners who choose this sector of the country to enjoy a varied and high-level gastronomic experience.

Five Favorite Panamanian Dishes

For Chef Jose Luis Garay it is difficult to select them due to the mix and influences of Panamanian food, however he does his best: fried fish, sancocho, handmade corn and coconut buns, the classic rice with chicken and for desert pesada de nance with artisan cheese.

Five Favorite Dobo Dishes

For our guest chef these are: wild rice and tofu, brisket tacos, yucca tacos in plum and black pepper sauce, sancocho, wood-fired choribollo and smoked pork ribs.

Photos courtesy: Dobo Restaurant

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